Search as blog-enabling technology

Thinking about it, I realized that blogging needed some enabling technology. Yes, blogging software like Moveable Type certainly helped, but I think search technologies are just as important.

Back in the early days of the Web, I worried a lot about how to fit a particular page into the grand scheme of things. I worried about what directory to put it in my site, how my site's navigational aids should be structured, what external sites I should get to link to my site, etc. It was a fair amount of work.

Now, I'm just completely unworried about all that. I have faith that Google will find any page I write, even if I don't put a lot of work into making it easy to find. (While I can certainly make my page easier to find by putting some effort into it, the reward is no longer obviously worth the effort.)

This reduces the energy investment required to publish even further, and might lead to even more feminization of literature.

Ducky Sherwood