Art Parties

In June of 1991, I moved into a large apartment by myself. This was the first time I had lived by myself. I had essentially no furniture and no artwork, as my housemates had always had surpluses.

What to do, what to do? Have a party!

I went out and bought art materials and some big plastic tarps and invited all my friends over. "Hey folks, it's kindergarten time!"

I promised everyone that any completed artwork would hang on my walls for a year, and the stuff that was created was so wonderful I kept it all up for two and a half years!

The next summer, I again provided art materials, and invited people over to make fish. I then hung these fish from the ceiling of my bedroom. It was wonderful: it was like waking up in an aquarium. :-)

(I would have kept them up longer, but I ran off to graduate school and couldn't really take them all along.)