Parents, Families, and Friends TV show

The Peninsula/San Jose chapter of PFLAG produces a half-hour interview show through the KMTV community access TV station. We bring to light stories of gay, lesbian, bisexual people -- and the people who love them.

Selected episodes are available at cost (i.e. cheap!) through the generosity of the Morelight Presbyterians' Hearts and Minds project


Presently, PFF airs on various south San Francisco Bay cable channels. If you would like to have PFF shown on your local station, that is relatively easy to arrange. Please contact

Past Episodes

Here is a list of past episodes, with the episode number, the taping date, and the Total Running Time (TRT), up until Feb 2005. (The show continues, but the maintainer of this page moved out of the country.)
Episode # Taping date Total Running Time Guest
#0101 07/21/200128:38 Jim DeLaHunt of Marriage Equality California talks about same-sex marriage.
#0102 08/18/200128:29 PFLAG dad Ken Klucsor talks about how his daughter came out as a lesbian and how he got involved in PFLAG.
#0103 09/21/200128:37 Vicki Lucas relates her struggle to come to terms with her lesbianism.
#0104 10/30/200128:23 Diversity trainer Stacy Cusulos discusses her experiences as a lesbian mom in a mixed-race family.
#0105 10/30/200128:00 Jim Boin, editor of San Jose's OutNow NewsMagazine, talks about running a gay-oriented news publication.
#0106 11/16/200127:30 Bob & Laurie Carter and Leslie Bulbuk & Marta Donayre discuss the problems faced by gays and lesbians who are in bi-national relationships.
#0107 12/21/200127:23 Greg Marlan discusses his experiences as a gay Christian activist and an active member of Soulforce.
#0201 01/18/200228:25 MaryAnn Woodall, an active PFLAG member, talks about what it's like being a lesbian of her generation.
#0202 02/15/200227:35 Dana Rivers talks about growing up as a transsexual and the problems she had with her employer when she made the transition from male to female.
#0203 03/15/200227:55 High school students Katy Alexander and Jon Amon talk about the Outlet Program at the YWCA of the Mid-Peninsula, and also about what it's like to be gay teens.
#0204 04/19/200227:48 Pat Koopman and Rhonda Mitchell of PFLAG San Jose/Peninsula's Safe Schools Committee talk about the difficulties faced by gay and lesbian children at school.
#0205 05/17/200227:22 Laura Hubbard, president of PFLAG San Jose/Peninsula, talks about PFLAG and what it has meant to her.
#0206 06/21/200227:50 Bear Capron and his father Bill describe the problems Bear had with anti-gay immigration laws when he tried to reenter the United States after becoming a Dutch citizen.
#0207 07/19/200227:08 Kara Speltz, a core member of Soulforce, discusses her experiences with non-violent Christian activism in the tradition of Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr.
#0208 08/16/200226:41 Bruce Hahne, a straight Christian activist and advocate for gay rights, discusses homosexuality and the Bible (part 1 of 2).
#0209 08/16/200226:43 Bruce Hahne, a straight Christian activist and advocate for gay rights, continues his discussion of homosexuality and the Bible (part 2 of 2).
#0210 09/20/200227:36 Jim Weston, president of the board of directors for the Billy DeFrank Lesbian and Gay Community Center in San Jose, discusses his coming-out process, how he came to the DeFrank Center, and the Center's value to the Bay Area and beyond.
#0211 10/26/200227:24 Michael Adee describes his upbringing in a small Louisiana town, the affect his coming-out had on his family and friends, his experiences as an openly gay elder in the Presbyterian Church, and his work as a national field organizer for More Light Presbyterians.
#0212 10/26/200227:58 Brett Mathews, a former First Lieutenant and nuclear missileer in the U.S. Air Force, describes his first-hand experience with Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
#0213 11/15/200228:07 Kim Fredericks, an AIDS-certified registered nurse and former coordinator for the Santa Clara County Needle Exchange, talks about the state of the AIDS epidemic regionally and worldwide, and what we can do about it.
#0301 02/21/200328:09 John Ellefsen and Norma Ramos, from Lavender Seniors of the East Bay, talk about the lives of gay and lesbian senior citizens, the special problems they face, and the ways in which Lavender Seniors offers help.
#0302 03/21/200327:53 Patrick Soricone, Executive Director of the Billy DeFrank Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in San Jose, talks about the Center and the valuable services and resources it provides to Silicon Valley.
#0303 04/18/200328:27 San Jose City Council Member Ken Yeager discusses his service as Santa Clara County's only openly gay elected official, his book Trailblazers, and the development of the Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee (BAYMEC).
#0304 05/16/200327:47 Sydney Anderson, a female-to-male transsexual, talks about his life before, during, and after his transition, and about the sources of help he found along the way.
#0305 06/20/200328:18 Carla Blair, proprietor of a boutique serving the transgendered community
#0306 07/18/200327:40 Marina Gatto, 15 year-old rights activist
#0307 08/15/200327:25 Jim DeLaHunt, Policy Director for Marriage Equality California
#0308 09/19/200328:16 Belinda Ryan & Wendy Daw, bi-national lesbian couple
#0309 10/17/200328:11 Steve Amerige, HIV-positive software engineer
#0310 12/06/200328:26 Pam Walton, lesbian filmmaker
#0401 01/23/200427:54 Teri Shugart, mother of a gender-independent boy
#0402 02/20/200428:43 Atticuss Sharp, gay man, bullied as a child, son of supportive mom
#0403 03/19/200428:34 Mitzi Henderson, active PFLAGer and former president of PFLAG National
#0404 04/16/2004 Steven Boullianne, partner in a same-sex bi-national relationship
#0405 05/21/2004 Adrien Salazar, PFLAG San Jose/Peninsula scholarship recipient
#0406 06/18/2004 Christina Strickfaden and Ryan Ferrell, PFLAG San Jose/Peninsula scholarship recipients
#0407 07/16/2004 Jeremy Manning, gay former servicemember
#0408 08/20/2004 Craig Wiesner, gay former servicemember
#0409 09/17/2004 Pat Skillen, PFLAG mom and activist
#0410 12/17/2004 Heather Reichgott, lesbian seminary graduate
#0411 12/17/2004 Heather Reichgott, lesbian seminary graduate
#0501 01/21/2005 Wendy Daw & Belinda Ryan, bi-national lesbian couple (update)
#0502 02/18/2005 Hrishi Sathawane, gay South Asian, publisher Trikone Magazine