Ducky's Scavenger Hunt List - 1994

Ok, for those of you who missed it, here is the 1994 Scavenger Hunt list. There may have been one imaginary item on the list - by accident. I thought I had looked up the famous physicist/mathematician to make sure I got the spelling right, but people keep asking me if I meant "Oliver Heaviside" instead of "Edwin Heavyside". Oh well.

All other items actually exist. Two groups brought in ear spoons and one group brought in a zarf. The first item turned in was the red comb in Anne Powell's back pocket.

Three women were on a bike team, and had the best story: they burst into a hardware store in their spandex and lycra, ran up to the counter, and said, "We need a left-handed screw!" The young man at the counter dropped his jaw, bugged his eyes out, and said, "Uh... this isn't that kind of place." "NO! A left-handed screw, a piece of hardware!" "Uh... *sure* ladies, riiiiight." An older gent popped his head around the corner and said, "Oh yes, they exist. Aisle 12B."

Things that nobody got are marked with a * at the end of the line. Comments that were not part of the original text are offset with square brackets.

The winning team (Sunday's Ladies: Sue, Kieth, Karen, and Kathy) had around 1600 points. [The first team to turn in an item gets a 20% bonus for that item, so this isn't quite as many items as it sounds.]


Copyright, 1994, Kaitlin Duck Sherwood

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