Ducky's Educational Background

I truly have made a committment to lifelong learning. I like taking classes.

Academic work:

  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: MS in General Engineering (received October 1996) MS project: Design of a Campus-Wide Information System (winner of departmental best graduate student award). Took classes in decision analysis, robotics, thesaurus construction, team building, and all kinds of other fun things.
  • Corporate Member of the Stanford Industrial Television Network. (This means that I bought a microwave antenna and mounted it on the roof of my apartment in order to take their classes.) Took Partial Differential Equations and audited Probability and Decision Analysis.
  • University of California Berkeley (Extension): audited one class on Analog Circuit Design, took class on perspective drawing, and one workshop on decorative finishes.
  • Foothill College: Took introduction to video production and introductory drawing class.
  • University of California Santa Cruz (Extension): Took several workshops on video production.
  • San Jose State University Took one excellent class on color theory, took half of a marker rendering class.
  • Univerity of California Santa Barbara (Extension): Took classes on gate-level circuit design, microprocessor-level design, and parallel processing.
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: BS in Metallurgical Engineering, with European Studies minor (received May 84).
  • University High School of Urbana: diploma (received May 80).

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