Jim and Ducky Got Married!

Eighteen months after getting engaged, we finally tied the knot!

There is a transcript of the ceremony, and a site on our honeymoon.

Some pictures are up!


We got married at 11 AM, August 22, 1998.


We got married outside, at Holbrook-Palmer Park in Atherton. It's an old country estate (from back in the days when this area still had country) that has been turned into a very nice park. There is lots of grass, trees, and flowers. It was held at about 11 o'clock. Normally you'd think that an August oudoor wedding would mean death by heatstroke, but it was actually very very pleasant.


Because we love each other like the dickens. :-)


We had a few goals for the ceremony. Here's a few things we did:


If you are US citizen, California resident, swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and pay $15 to the county, the state of California will allow you to perform one (specific) wedding. So despite Spence having no religious or lawyerly certification, he was able to preside at the wedding. He did so very capably, and was very dear.

Music was sung by Brian Carter and Maureen Magill (both former principal artists at Opera San Jose), and accompanied by Sara Jobin (who has many titles, but who Jim also knows from OSJ). Anne jumped in when it became apparent that Sara would need a page-turner.

Ducky's attendants were Georges, Wendy, Chris, and Rich. Jim's attendants were Diana, John, and Laura.

Diana, Judith (Ducky's mom), and Ducky's "Aunt" Martha helped a lot in the week prior to the wedding, helping arrange details. Thanks, you three!

Judith and Liz (Jim's mom) hosted the rehearsal dinner at McArthur Park in Palo Alto (650/321-9996).

Rich gave the toast.

Jim's Aunt Marty was head usher, and oversaw Day and Heather.

Dee stepped in to fill a void, pinning flowers on participants.

Catering was provided by Continental Catering of Menlo Park (650/322-4189), and was extremely well done. For example, right before the cake cutting, the bride and groom drink to each other with interlocked arms. Much to my surprise, the glass that made it to my lips was non-alcoholic wine. About two months earlier, I had mentioned once that I don't drink. That was noted, communicated to the staff, the staff remembered, and the staff executed. Wow.

The cake was baked and decorated by Nancy's Fancies of San Carlos (650/591-8867). I got one comment that it was overly rich, but I personally loved it.

Flowers were done by Suki Park of Cupertino Florist (408/252-3560), who went out of her way to make sure that everything looked great.

Our formal photo shoot was with photographer Cathy Gannes (650/323-4592), who was great. We also asked our friend Chris Mattis, a semi-pro photog, to take shots during the ceremony and reception. She also oversaw the legion of amateurs: passing out, collecting, and developing film and disposable cameras.

We bought our drinks at Beverages & More in Mountain View (650/949-1826). We ran clean out of non-alcoholic drinks about an hour before the party closed, and were left with three cases of wine and about 80 bottles of beer. Our guests were generally white, affluent, educated, and a little older than some wedding parties might be (bride and groom are 35), so maybe the demographics were skewed a bit. Still, we were quite surprised.

Holbrook-Palmer Park is in Atherton. Jean Cordona (650/688-6534) is the contact person.

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