Kaitlin Duck Sherwood

ducky at webfoot.com

Position Desired

I am pretty much retired now, so not really looking. If the perfect job comes along, I might consider it, but am pretty happy doing my own thing.

My ideal job description is "go do great things" for an organization which is doing things which will help lots of people. I am a generalist capable of doing a good job on a wide range of things.


2/20-present: Hobby projects

I have two hobby projects at the moment:

7/19-2/20: Travelled

It was awesome!

5/18-7/19: Satellite Data ETL, Adecco under direction of Google

Wrote code to automatically process and ingest data (e.g. Sentinel 5P, LUCAS, FLDAS, TIGER, HUC02, TRMM, GPPD, GLIMS, NLCD, HYCOM) into Google Earth Engine's data store, and wrote documentation explaining the data.

4/14-2/18: QA Manager, Maintenance Lead, and Senior Developer, Awesense

I had a dizzying array of roles, doing whatever needed to be done to advance a startup making hardware and software to help electric utilities find losses in their power distribution grid. Lead of QA and SW Maintenance groups. Wrote huge fraction of the dev documentation (including, for example, 17 pages on endpoints).

I was also:

11/12-4/14: Self-employed

9/12-11/12: Campaign Volunteer, Obama For Wisconsin

7/11-08/12: Tasktop Technologies

3/10-7/11: Atimi Software

8/08-3/10: Self-employed

9/05-8/08: MSc Student in Computer Science, University of British Columbia

Course projects and extra-curricular projects included:

5/06-8/06: Summer intern, Google

1/05-6/05: Non-degree student, Stanford University

1/04-1/05: Community Organizer, Open Source Applications Foundation

2/03-1/04: Senior Product Designer, Open Source Applications Foundation

12/98-2/03: Book Author, Publisher, and Trainer

6/98-12/98: Domestic Organization Lead

7/96-6/98: Smalltalk Programmer, Interval Research Corporation

Note: Interval spun out this home media integration project into a separate company, Avio Digital, which was then purchased by Centillium. Project included proprietary home media network, a "tablet" controller/Internet appliance, and a digital media storage device.

1/96-6/96: Web Development Contractor

8/94 - 12/95: (First) Webmaster, Computing and Communications Services Office, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Summer 1995

3/94-about 1996: Internet Services Developer (hobby)

6/94-8/94: Enterprise Integration Technologies (bought by Veriphone), Menlo Park, CA

1/94 - 5/94: Graduate Student, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

4/90 - 12/93: Consultant ( Sun, Data General, AMD, Apple, Silicon Graphics, Amdahl, Unisys, Cray, Nexgen)

2/88-3/90: Arix Corporation, San Jose, CA

Promoted up through four jobs in two years:

2/87- 1/88: Quad Design Technology, Inc. Camarillo, CA

Co-founder of startup which merged profitably with Viewlogic in 1993.

10/85-2/87: Vitesse Electronics Corp, Camarillo, CA

Joined before company's two-year anniversary.

7/84-7/85: Intel Corporation, Aloha, OR

Summer 1983: Technical University of Delft, Netherlands

Summer 1982: University of Illinois, Urbana, IL

Summer 1981: IBM San Jose Research Laboratory, San Jose, CA

Summer 1980: NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA


Theatrical/Performance Works

U.S. Citizen, Canadian Citizen